Connecticut Sales Tax Rates for 2021/22

The State Sales Tax rate in Connecticut in 2021 is 6.35%. The actual Rate at which you pay Sales Tax in Connecticut will vary as the Sales Tax Rate in Connecticut is based on the following formula:

Connecticut State Sales Tax Formula

Sales Tax Rate = s + c + l + sr


  • s = Connecticut State Sales Tax Rate (6.35%)
  • c = County Sales Tax Rate
  • l = Local Sales Tax Rate
  • sr = Special Sales Tax Rate

The goods news is that Connecticut sets it's Sales Tax Rate as a flat rate across the State, so, although the Sales Tax Formula Still applies. Connecticut does not apply County, Local or Special Sales Tax Rates tso the Total Sales Tax applied across the State of Connecticut is 6.35%, you can calculate Sales Tax online using the Connecticut Sales Tax Calculator.

If you are looking for more information on tax rates, allowances and thresholds for Connecticut you can access the latest Income Tax Tables for Connecticut here.

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