Canon Sales Tax Rates for 2023

Canon in Colorado has a tax rate of 8.4% for 2023, this includes the Colorado Sales Tax Rate of 2.9% and Local Sales Tax Rates in Canon totaling 5.5%. You can find more tax rates and allowances for Canon and Colorado in the 2023 Colorado Tax Tables.

How Does Sales Tax in Canon compare to the rest of Colorado?

Canon Sales Rates: This image illustrates a calculator robot calculating Canon sales tax manually using the Canon Sales Tax Formula. You can use this information to calculate Canon Sales Tax manually or use the Canon Sales Tax Calculator to calculate sales tax online.

Colorado has 204 seperate areas each with their own Sales Tax rates with the lowest Sales Tax rate in Colorado being 2.9% and the highest Sales Tax rate in Colorado at 10%.

How is Sales Tax Calculated in Canon, Colorado

Sales Tax in Canon, Colorado is calculated using the following formula:

Sales Tax Rate = s + c + l + sr


  • s = Colorado State Sales Tax Rate (2.9%)
  • c = County Sales Tax Rate
  • l = Local Sales Tax Rate
  • sr = Special Sales Tax Rate

You can calculate Sales Tax manually using the formula or use the Canon Sales Tax Calculator or compare Sales Tax between different locations within Colorado using the Colorado State Sales Tax Comparison Calculator.

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